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Asantewa Launi Na Launi African Dress
Asantewa Launi Na Launi African Dress
Asantewa Launi Na Launi African Dress


Asantewa Launi Na Launi African Dress

$115.00 USD

This breathtaking African print dress is designed from a luxurious and comfortable cotton fabric and embroidered with artistic touches of floral design. This piece is nothing but a piece of luxury.

  • 100% Silk African Print Fabric
  • Invisible zipper at the back
  • Right Below the knee

If you’re going to be a guest at a special occasion, it’s important for your outfit to reflect the joyousness and optimism of the special day. This African print dress feature gorgeously energetic designs which convey a sense of happiness and vibrancy. This makes it ideal for weddings, birthdays, official function, etc. The complexity of its patterns and prints combined with the high-quality suiting pairs of shoes means you are on the groove! This will help to create a cohesive and coherent garment that has a high level of visual impact. It appears dignified and stylish without losing its sense of ‘joie de vivre’.

The fact that Ankara print is here to stay is no longer news.  The news flash is only that the quality of this fabric can make you turn heads effortlessly and stand you out from the crowd. MNL Design brings you classy long lasting Ankara African print women’s dress. This African print dress is a beautiful fashion trend. It is a must-have if you desire an attire that gives an elegant and outstanding look. It is comfortable and keeps you looking beautiful any time, any day.

This vibrant print is a must-have this summer. Dress up or down, while enjoying the comfort of an African print dress at an affordable price. From season trends to timeless fashion styles, this wear is always top notch, meeting all your needs from casual wear to all glammed up and with its beautiful rich tone creates a stunning pattern throughout.



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