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Etibor - African Men's Shirt
Etibor - African Men's Shirt
Etibor - African Men's Shirt


Etibor - African Men's Shirt

$45.00 USD
  • 100% high-quality cotton fabric material
  • Gold or Silver chain buttons
  • Well tailored

Step up your wardrobe with this Etibor (Etibur) native and traditional wear which is made with 100% high-quality cotton fabric material that will stand the test of time. It is trendy, it is in vogue, and designed to distinguish you from the crowd. The ultimate in men’s traditional wears.

This complete long sleeve Etibo with half-chest button-down design, is fashionable, elegance, convenient and practical, and take both individual character and fashion sense all to a whole new level. Perfectly designed to sate your taste and desire for rich African apparel. It can be incorporated with plain trousers for fierce fashion with an exotically tribal aesthetic and African textile. This exceptional African print design portrays symbolic elements of African culture and landscapes.

Well tailored cotton long sleeved shirt with a stylish design made in African style with silver/gold collar chain to match. It is exclusively designed and adapted to achieve perfection. This can be worn in formal and semi-formal events by any man looking to step in style and exclusivity. This trendy wear doesn’t just come with simple design but one that would allow you to stand out, look good, and boost your confidence significantly. It has a pocket square to enable you to bring your sense of style to bear. Combine different colors of pocket square with your socks and redefine what fashion is.

This attire holds its origin from Africa. The Etibo outfit is made from high-quality cotton material and can be worn by both sexes for an array of events such as wedding ceremonies, social outings, and they are ideal for the office – on Fridays. It is Simple and classy and will fit into any occasion or gathering like magic. Remember, the best way to anticipate the future is to dress for it!



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